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What Does it Mean for YOU? 

Have you ever seen an ad for a home for sale with a headline that included “Just Listed” and wondered what it meant?

Real estate professionals (or REALTORS®) would consider something a new listing or “just listed” if it entered the market within the past 1 – 3 DAYS! 

New listings in Tallahassee are likely going to be the most picked through, as the serious buyers have already checked out the older available homes on the market .  Many real estate agents try to trick the system by cancelling and re-listing their homes so they appear “just listed”.

Now this trick gets by a brand-new buyers (people who will not be buying a home in Tallahassee right away),  this trick does not get by seasoned buyers who are just waiting for a great opportunity.

So a home that nobody wants, having been canceled and re-listed very well might show up on our “Just Listed” page, but you can be sure that serious buyers have seen it and will skip it here too.

We share this information so that you do not wonder why we occasionally have “stale inventory” showing up on our just listed page, it’s because these listings are being marketed to fool you for no beneficial reason. I cannot help that, sorry.

When you look at the homes, you should take note of the listing status. They may have been listed in the past day or so, they might be sold or already under contract.Why? Because the listing agent might have cancelled an older listing and created a new one so as to fool the reports that show how long they took to sell the home.

Defining The Listing Status Classifications Below

Homes currently available for purchase are listed as “Active” and available for you to view!

Tallahassee MLS Listing Status Definitions

Active: As stated above, an Active status means that the home is available for purchase, and the seller is seeking and offer(s) from a buyer(s). This accounts for more than 60% of the listings you will see here from the Tallahassee MLS.

Pending/Contingent: This means the owners have accepted an offer on the property.  A sale  still depends on passing a home inspection or getting financing. It may still be possible to tour these properties and submit a backup offer in case the current one falls through.  Don’t be so quick to dismiss a home for sale showing a pending or contingent status.

New: This is an active listing that has only recently come onto the market, usually within the past seven days. Of course, agents that cancel and re-list properties have them show up as new quite often. Make sure you give us a call (850)656-0009 if you want to verify if indeed a property is new to the market.

Raised: Alisting for which the price has been incresed within the past seven days.

Reduced: This is a listing which has had a price reduction within the past 7 days.  Listing agents often drop a home price by a few $$$ to attract more attention to a stale listing. If a home has been “just listed” and is showing as reduced, the listing agent is trying to communicate that the seller is highly motivated. Either the home is attractively priced, or it is not. It does not matter what the seller or listing agent have done with the asking price.

We are YOUR Source For Just-Listed HomesFor Sale In Tallahassee

The buyers who are most ready to make a move want to know the newest listings in the Tallahassee real estate market.  For this reason  we have created the “Just Listed” page, so they can bookmark the page & return numerous times in a day!

We update the listings every 15 minutes!